Be Cautious When You Buy Flowers Online This Valentines Day

Be cautious when you buy flowers or chocolates online this Valentines Day by avoiding transactions made on public Wi-Fi systems such as those found in your neighborhood coffee shop, airports, or hotels due to increased Internet security risks.Security experts will caution you around Valentines Day to make sure you don’t unknowingly give away your credit card information by not having your laptops protected with an extra level of trust as an added precaution.Make sure your laptop computer is using a VPN, also known as a virtual private network. A VPN keeps user’s information private, secure, and out of the hands of internet-criminals during an online session. The last thing your special person would want you to do is accidentally give away personal and private information while you were online buying them a Valentines Day gift.VPN software makes surfing the internet safe while at your hotel, the airport, or your favorite coffee shop. Website addresses, instant messaging, personal information, plain text usernames and passwords and other important information may be broadcast unencrypted when using these publicly accessible wireless Internet connections. Hackers can easily intercept these non-protected broadcasts.VPN software is analogous to making a shield around your laptop computer or smart phone. A virtual private network encrypts all of your web traffic, which prevents criminals from attacking or scanning your system from your local network.Without a VPN on your laptop, hackers can have a field day with laptop users on Public Wi-Fi systems who become easy prey to these cyber-criminals looking for unprotected credit card information. Obviously, you would never intentionally provide a criminal with your personal and private information. They would probably take your information and use it to take whatever they could from you. So it makes sense to make sure you’re computer is protected so you don’t unintentionally provide a criminal with your valuable information.Wherever someone is located, whatever type of hardware, whether using a public Wi-Fi connection or not, a good VPN will keep your identity and information private. A hacker can not intercept or steal any information during an online session with VPS software installed.If you’re using open Wi-FI at home, a VPN may be needed on your desktop computer as well to make sure your web use is secured. A hacker uses what’s called “wardriving” techniques, which are attacks by people snooping in on your home Wi-Fi from the street. If your home computer is infected with a virus, warding techniques can also be utilized to gain access to your network. So make sure your home computer has anti-virus software installed.The bottom line is you can be safe when making purchases online like those Valentines Day flowers by making sure your laptop is protected with a VPN. A VPN will keep information private and secure.

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