MCSA Courses – Will They Further Your Career?

The Microsoft Certified System Administrator is a user who is certified of having knowledge in System Administration of Microsoft Windows Operating System. The MCSA certifies the user as the one having the skills in implementation, management and troubleshooting of the rising needs of Microsoft Windows operating systems.The MCSA course consists of two exams to be successfully completed. The two exams are the Core and the Elective exams. Both the courses consist of different areas of expertise. The MCSA course exams are as follows:Core ExamWindows XP Professional 70-270 SeriesThis includes the installation, administering resource, configuring desktop, configuring hardware, optimizing, networking and securing the system.Windows 2000 Server 70-215 SeriesThis course consists of installation, hardware, control sources to files, folders, web and printers, optimizing server, troubleshooting, implementing remote access and terminal services, configuring disk and drives, networking server and using security features.Windows Server 2003The course consists of installation, upgrades, managing disk and hardware, administering resource and shared resource, networking, optimizing system and configuring desktop, using TCP/IP and securing system.Windows Server 2003 Networking Management 70-291 SeriesThe test consists of TCP/IP protocol, IP addressing and routing, classless subnet masking and client address notification, dynamic host configuration protocol, domain naming system concept and server, security template, software updating, troubleshooting, LAN/dial up services and security.Windows 2000 Network Management 70-218 SeriesThis test contains installing devices, managing group policy, resources, permissions, TCP/IP, remote access, controlling file and web access, monitoring and backing up files, configuring VPNs and terminal services.Elective ExamsMicrosoft Exchange Server 2003 70-284 SeriesThe course consists of managing exchange recipient objects, address list, policies, computer performance, troubleshooting and security.Microsoft Server 2003 Administration 70-290 SeriesThe course consists of managing of physical and logical disks, configuring, monitoring and troubleshooting, managing computer accounts and users, configuring terminal services, using server management tools, managing the web services with the IIS 6.0, management of performance and security, planning and implementation of disaster recovery.Windows 2000 Network Administration 70-216 SeriesThe exam contains working with DNS and DHCP, remote access, network protocol, WNS, NAT, IP routing and certificate services.Exchange 2000 Administration 70-224 SeriesThe course consists of installation and co-existence, creation and management of recipient objects, group and connectors, deployment of internet messaging, administration of chat services, security, performance, working with clients and backing up of data.Server 2003 Security Administration 70-299 SeriesThe test is made up of implementation, management and troubleshooting of security policies, network communications security and patch management, PKI administration, IPSec troubleshootingSOL Server 2000 Administration 70-228The course is of installation, advanced installation, creating and managing the databases, extracting and securing data and its integrity, automation and performance.Upon successful completion of the course in security or messaging in which five of the above test is to be passed, the user is certified as an MCSA. The completion of MCSA course is an added advantage for IT professionals across the world.

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