Use Your Cell Phone to Earn a Living

Imagine being able to have your office in your pocket. Having everything you need to conduct your business right in the palm of your hand any where, any time, as long as you where within reach of a cell signal.Did you realize that now, you can do just that? That’s right, you can conduct your internet marketing business with nothing at all but your cell phone. Now, talk about independence and freedom.Just think, no more having to be at the office at a certain time, whether it is at your home or downtown. When it is time to conduct any part of your business what ever, just find a signal and go to work.Just imagine, 4 Billion people who look at their cell phone dozens of times per day. And this is going on world wide, not just in your neighborhood. This makes your potential customer base immense,and the growth isn’t going to stop any time soon. The market just keeps getting bigger. You can reach more people via their cell phone than any other media on the planet.More people have a cell phone than have a television, computer, internet or anything else you can think of! Now,what if there was a way to make money legally within this huge pool of cell phone users? Well, guess what, there is a way.Advertise on the cell phone network the same way as on the internet.The difference is, with this method you are putting your ads in front of people without them having to look for them. And they only see the ads if they are already looking for the particular item that you are promoting. Imagine that!Ther are several legitimate services that allow you to send messages to people through their cell phones, and These services have never been talked about by any of the top “Gurus” or Internet Marketing coaches.They are also 100% legit because the last thing you want is to use a service that’s involved in spamming or any other illegal practices.The most incredible part is that the cell phone market is virtually un-tapped. Having this method is like being the first person to figure out that email was a good way to promote products to people back in 1998. Can you imagine how much money that person made?This is the same situation, it’s virgin territory, and with 4.3 Billion people in the market and tens of thousands more joining every day there is, there will never be any danger of over-saturation.What I’m talking about is using cell phones as a method to make quick and easy money.They’re hip, hot and everywhere on the planet. But despite a drumbeat about mobile phones being the new frontier in the ad world, marketers have been slow to dial it up, particularly in the USA.”The level of knowledge and understanding of the mobile marketplace by traditional and digital agencies doesn’t really exist today,” says Dan Rosen, managing director, AKQA Mobile in London, a mobile-dedicated unit of San Francisco-based digital agency AKQA.Important for global marketers, mobile handsets are the dominant way people access the Web in many emerging markets, as it is far cheaper, says John Gauntt, senior analyst at digital ad tracker eMarketer. With a computer, “The cost of entry to get Internet access is about $1,200 for the PC and broadband; a mobile is less than half the cost.””The pace for mobile won’t be set in the U.S.,” says Michael Baker, vice president and head of Nokia Interactive Advertising. “It’s a global medium that’s different from all other channels. It’s cost effective and usually the centerpiece of a strategy. (That’s) very different from what’s going on in the U.S., which is mini-banner ads.”Cell phones affect our built environment, most notably in the form of widespread advertising, not just in industrialized cities, but also in the third world. Unlike the Internet, which has sparked fears of a “digital divide” between the industrialized and developing worlds, cell phones have become popular all over the world. The cell phone is portrayed as glamorous, but also inexpensive. Many users decorate and personalize their phones, giving rise to folk art cottage industries. The cell phone has become a kind of art in itself, in which a user’s choice of phone and decoration acts as a kind of personal statement.To summarize: Cell phones are enabling people to create their own micro-cultures; they are changing cultural norms and values, and demonstrating consumers’ ability to modify and re-purpose technology for their own use. I believe that cell phones, by allowing people to insulate their private interactions from the culture around them, will encourage a kind of “walled garden” of micro-cultures that is complex, but exclusive.

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